My mare, Maddie has always been relatively unpredictable & a sharp ride but two years ago we went through a spate of incidents which left me un-nerved & lacking in confidence. I had two falls in less than a week, both after she has spun round for what appeared to be no reason. Our vet visited & gave her a good going over, checking her eye sight carefully but could find nothing wrong. She recommended a new to market product – E-Calm. I was a little sceptical at first but after 6 weeks, I did notice a change in Maddie. Although she is never going to be an easy ride, she is less spooky & willing to listen, particularly when being lunged, where previously her concentration span was short to say the least! Maddie has been taking e-calm now for over two years & wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to anyone that has a horse or pony that is anxious, unpredictable or generally needs calming.
Amy Parcell


Ollie is a 16.2 Chestnut Gelding 6 year old  who is home bred.

I have tried many other calmers which had no real effect. I have handled him from a foal so knew that the behavior wasn’t from not being well educated and was more to do with a stress or discomfort.

He is a character but ….  Since trying the E calm I have found him to be much more settled in his stable and whilst out competing.

Whilst not on e calm he was bad for chewing wood charging round his stable, nipping and dragging us to the field and excessively sweating and getting worked up when out competing.
One of my main concerns was that he always sweated up around his belly and gut area.
He seems to be much more settled in him self and I have seen a difference in him not getting as stressed when out competing. Also there is a great difference in his ride ability. His jump is far rounder and looser through his back.

I have taken him off the E calm twice now and each time I have put him back on it within a few weeks because I see a change in his mood. He has now been on Ecalm for around a year and a half now.

Images by Equiscot Photography Karene Wallace


After trying every calmer under the sun, I was giving up and beginning to think my horse would just never cope with life! Until I found this , now I have a horse that can cope in a warm up, that happily goes in the ring and can now actually show his potential. Ok so he is 8 and its taken me two years!! I just wish had found this a long time ago. But I cannot wait for the rest of his career, in a short space of time he has qualified for finals and second rounds and won most dressage outings, something I never thought possible. Maybe he will now event,   now that he seems able to cope with life it might just happen. I don’t know what it is other than a miracle, even hacking out is relaxing !!! Thank you so much. Jen Macgregor


7yr Old highland we always new he had potential in whp but couldn’t just get him to settle to the job properly. Been on ecalm since June an progressively got better jumping clear in his last 3 hoys qualifiers. Pamela Brown

Sorn of Inverdarroch

4yr old exmoor stallion. He was very vocal an just wouldn’t concentrate when away from home. He started on ecalm end of June. Going on to win great Yorkshire and all his classes at nps summer champs including the Dargavel supreme young pony championship. Pamela Brown


8yr old fell mare was on regumate for 2yrs as very difficult when in season now weaned on to ecalm, qualifying rihs an narrowly missing hoys 2017, heres to 2018

Pamela Brown

Linnel Tiger Lilly

I am so impressed with this product – my pony has been having ecalm since January 2017.  Having owned her for 2 years she had always been grumpy, uncooperative and bucked.  I tried many and various seasonal supplements, magnesium – all to no avail.  She had been vet checked, teeth, back and even equine massaged.  I had reached the point when I was ready to give up and put her in foal.  Then I discovered ‘e calm’.

She has become much happier in herself, mellowed but not lost her querky characterfulness that makes her an individual.  Life has been sweeter for both of us.  Both in hand and under saddle she has been more cooperative – no more seasonal mood swings or bucking.  At the end of August my pony came a creditable 3rd in her class at her Breed Show – only her second show ever, first time loaded in trailer for two years.  Her behaviour at the Show was excellent.  I am so pleased with her – I am so pleased I found e calm. Fiona Gover


Kandy is an 8yr old TB mare, 16.hh, 500kg. She was a very well mannered horse, that did not require to be tied up for grooming but following some health issues she became extremely unhappy when being groomed, trying to bite, kick etc, especially when brushed. Within a month of being on eCalm her condition had improved, and she was back to being groomed ‘loose’.

She is now eventing (double clear and placed in her first BE 90) and looks amazing. I firmly believe that in using eCalm she is getting ‘more from less’ and has a more comfortable digestive system. Jennifer Rintoul

Kandy - 16hh, 8 Years

eCalm is the only product I’ve used that has been successful in doing what it is meant to do.  Prior to using this product my Vet was wanting me to consider the future of my 17.2hh, 4 year old gelding.  He had put me in hospital twice, once with a severe bite to my shoulder the other time a bruised spleen due to a kick from his front leg!!  He was sent to a respected trainer and was returned three days later with the advise to euthanase.

eCalm was genuinely the last resort…after one month on eCalm I was able to exercise him on long reins, lead him out to pasture and enter his box to feed and groom, all not possible prior to using this product.  I can’t recommend eCalm enough, we all have a reason for saying ‘its a life saver’…in this boy’s case eCalm is!

Andrew Read

4 year old gelding, 17.2hh, Kames Farm